14 years ago yesterday and *ouch*

Me & Thumpah in 1996

Yesterday totally out of the blue Thumpah reminded me that it was our 14th anniversary, when she arrived in Leicester for a weekend with me by coach, meeting her at St Margarets’,  remember it like it was yesterday. Then getting ripped off by the taxi driver afterwards because he took the long way round…

What a shock! I had completely forgotten. In fact my usual excuse was “no… it was the 7th”… She’s used to it. We’ll have to do something about it, though. Not so easy as we have no babysitter. Thumpah’s parents left for their annual 2+ months down in the Périgord last week.

Meanwhile we’re keeping an eye on their place, watering plants and mowing the lawn. Rémy is due to go down there for 2 weeks in August, which will give us some quality time together before he starts school.

Last Friday I started a programme of 15 physio sessions with the Kiné over in Champceuil. He suggested then that I should go for an IRM, so would need to take an appointment with Dr Knafo, our Généraliste (GP). I saw him yesterday when he basically said “IRM b*****ks that kiné doesn’t know what he is talking about!”. Then promtly called him to tell him so! So I’m in a tug of war between them… I think?

Dr Knafo said that he wanted me to go for the 15 sessions, then once my back feels right to start doing some exercises to try and build up my back muscles… adding… “but you might end up on the operating table one day anyway”… Err… Great!

He also told me to avoid using my back too much – easier said than done when in charge of a 3 year old. This afternoon I’m having a bit of a rest while Rémy has his sieste. But all those little jobs that need doing around me seem to be silently screaming at me saying… they need to be done… they need to be done… they need to be done… they need to be done…

Not easy resting really…

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