Is it a canicule or not?

A couple of days ago, when it was a lot cooler, everyone was saying that it was going to get really hot again as the week progressed. Last Thursday and Friday we hit a high of 35°C. But only over those two days. Today, Thursday, it is currently 34°C at 4.15pm.

The French government are now saying that temperatures of this kind over more than 3 days equate to a canicule (heatwave). Why only over 3 days? Two days, with nights hovering around 30°C really is unbearable.

This afternoon I had the bright idea to do some cooking for tonight and tomorrow – trying to get ahead of myself here! But now I’ve ended up stopping to take a break because the heat from the stove was just too much. Even with all the shutters closed!

Lets hope we’ve not got another Summer 2003 on our hands… nice having sunny weather, but not when it is so hot you can’t even get anything done!

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