Rain and peeeeee

This morning I woke up at 4am, ate a bowl of cereal on the sofa then fell asleep there. When I stirred it was 6am so I staggered back to bed. Thumpah said to me the rain this morning woke her up then she found me asleep on the sofa (probably snoring :-))
She dashed outside to move the clothes horse on the terrace to under the porch. Daft really because most of the stuff on there was probably dry last night.
So this morning I’m sitting here having breakfast, watching Ludo on France 3 with Rémy, with the lounge French window open. Sheer bliss to feel the cool air.

Now newspaper “20 Minutes” is talking of canicule weather in Paris, 45km away.

Yesterday, for a shorter time than usual, I lost my temper with Rémy again… He had wet his pants twice during the course of the morning, then having not long gone to the loo peed himself while having his lunch. Of course, he didn’t tell me, no. I found out when I sent him to the toilet after the meal. After my Hulk moment (I didn’t rip my shirt, promise), I explained to him calmly, for the nth time that if he wants to go for a pee he should tell me or go by himself, which he can actually do. Thumpah has explained to him the same for the nth time as well.

If this continues it is highly likely that they won’t accept him at school in September… and he likes school…

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