Rémy 39.9°C!!!!

Earlier today Rémy was complaining that he was cold so I closed all the windows. All through dressing him it was “j’ai froid Daddy”. Then he was OK while we brushed our teeth, after that he watched Mr Men while I started cooking lunch.

Then towards lunchtime he started to complain that his stomach was hurting. After checking, I gave him some phospherous homeopathic granules. But then a little later, when he went for his pipi, he seemed to feel like he wanted to be sick. It was then I noticed that he was really burning up. He didn’t seem to know whether to be sick or not, but the temperature concerned me so I dosed him some Doliprane to try and get it down (luckily, by chance, he had weighed himself before cleaning his teeth… 17.9kg… so I could give him the right dose).

He felt a little better after that and stopped crying, so I got him to lie on our bed while I hunted around for a thermometer. There was no wonder he wasn’t feeling so good… 39.9°C – Where did that come from???

I asked him if he was tired and he said, yes. So put him to bed. I lay next to him singing songs and nursery rhymes caressing his head until he fell asleep. He was out for the count.

If he still has a temperature when he wakes up, I’ll have to give him another dose of Doliprane. Hoping that by then it’ll be over 4 hours from the last dose.

6.45pm tonight I have another session with the kiné… we’ll have to see if Rémy will cope with a little trip in the car, otherwise we’re going to have to cancel.

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