You could fry an egg on Rémy…

…no not a whiff of a joke there.

This afternoon Rémy’s temperature went down to around the 38 mark, but this evening it is back up to 39.9. We managed my visit to the kiné tonight when he felt better. But then when we got home, his temperature shot right up. Thumpah did what she could, even giving him a cool bath. Then we read that was the worst thing to do… Well, you live and learn.

But I can talk… Who gave him medication on an empty stomach? He finally ate a little rice and ham this evening, having only ate a couple of mouthfuls of brioche with his bottle of chocolate-milk this morning for his breakfast.

For the second time today, tonight after Thumpah had spent a lot of time with him, I lay with him on his bed singing sweet songs until he fell asleep.

Lets see what tomorrow brings… the weather really is getting unbearable and I imagine that even though Rémy is moving between being almost normal to being totally knocked out, he must be going through hell with a fever like that!

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  1. Hope he feels better soon..cold towels on his foereheand,and body its better for high temperature…high temperature for kids is always very scary

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