Are you supposed to be *that* ill before bastille day?

On Monday morning I woke up with a slight sore throat. By evening I had a temperature of 38°C. Where did that come from? I spent the night waking up every 2 hours, sleeping in turn on the sofa or back in bed. I was wrecked! In the morning the idea of looking after Rémy with a throbbing headache and fever wasn’t that welcome.

Thumpah, who is the most unselfish person I know (helps that I love her too) suggested she stay at home for the morning. Then realising she had some things to finish off at work decided to take Rémy to work with her for the morning. Apparently it isn’t the first time that staff take their kids to her office. So Rémy was surrounded by women colleagues… Was he happy? Of course he wasn’t!

I spent the morning in bed feeding off Dolipranes (paracetamol) to try and get my temperature down. Well it started to go down, but by afternoon had gone back up to 38°C again. By that time Isa had returned home and put Rémy to bed for his sieste.

I spent the rest of the time watching old English comedies on the TV. Although I wasn’t at all hungry I had to force myself to eat something, because of the meds. By 10pm, my temperature was beginning to go down again – woke up at 4am feeling a lot better apart from having a raging sore throat whenever I swallowed. Thumpah joined me 30 mins later, then went back to bed. Rémy came into the living room at 6am, so I put on Tikkabilla for him.

30 mins later we were all in our bed with Thumpah moaning because Rémy kept kicking her. I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until 11.45am. When I err… had breakfast.

Thank God today is a public holiday!

To Rémy’s credit, for a 3 year old, he was quite good to his poor old Dad. The only way I could explain to him how ill I was, was to say “Remember how you felt last weekend…?”

He really *could* have been a lot worse… With him saying “I love you Daddy” – and with Thumpah letting me rest yesterday – I couldn’t be a luckier Daddy.

Today is dark and stormy… that’ll teach our French friends for taking the mickey out of us for letting fireworks off on November 5th. Tonight it is going to be very damp for their festivities.

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