Our first attempt at a potager…

…is showing its fruits. OK it’s not a BIG potager, but its our first. We seem to have a lot of tomatoes though. Six plants of tomates cerises we bought, followed by 2 plants from SIL and 4 plants from our friend Catherine which she brought over from her native Tours.

The tomates cerises are producing loads… just as well that Rémy loves them!

Un Poivron

Aside from the zillions of tomatoes we also have peppers, the first is appearing and the one courgette plant that worked out is now flowering. Maybe we are a bit late, as our SIL’s said their courgettes are all finished now.

Courgette flowering

Add to those some mint, corriander, parsley (persil frisé) and chives then that about sums things up. The corriander has about finished now, pity, because I love it. Especially in salades composées…

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