What the air traffic controllers strike today has meant for us in the Val d’Essonne

Corsairfly.com Jumbo flying over our village

We have long been used to having the main flight path into Orly pass by our village. In general, airliners pass on a north easterly route flying over Ballancourt-sur-Essonne, which is the next village along from us. At this time of year, flights pass by roughly every 3 minutes. The aircraft are not overly low, but can be if weather conditions deteriorate. In general we’re just used to it all now.

This morning with the air traffic controllers strike, we had NO aircraft flying by us into Orly. Then around 1pm it was back to the every 3 minute rhythm.

A friend whose husband works for Air France, tells me that this part of the Essonne is used as a stacking zone by both Orly and Charles de Gaulle. Although those flights going  into Orly are the nearest to us, looking up at a Winter nights sky we seem to have an airliner autoroute above our heads.

It was said that 50% of flights into and out of Orly were affected today. Most are almost “domestic” flights, linking far flung DOM-TOM territories with metropolitan France. So normally a very busy flightpath.

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