When a collection dechet verts isn’t a collection dechet verts (Garden waste collection)

We have been lucky, I suppose, to have a garden waste collection every month. At first our local mairie organised this, passing fairly early in the morning. They were really very good.
Then the round passed to the local waste collection company, who now come round with a dustbin lorry.

The only snag here is that they cherry pick the items they take. So on Wednesday night Thumpah put out two large white sacks of hedge cuttings and a black bin of leaves and whatnot that I’d swept from our driveway. In the morning before the collection I added a black bag of weeds.

Thirty minutes later I heard them pass, thinking “that was quick” – they moved off up the street as I went outside to bring in the empty bags and bin only to find they hadn’t taken everything. They had emptied the bin and the black bag of weeds, but had left everything else. As I was bringing the stuff they’d left back in, the lorry drove past. The blokes stood on the back stared at me curiously as they went by.

What is the point in having a collection round for garden waste, when we find ourselves having to take the stuff they leave down the d├ęcheterie (tip) ourselves anyway?

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