Rare communication with the UK

Being a little late for my Mum’s birthday, which was on the 14th July, we finally took a large box full of nice things, to the La Poste over in Ballancourt to send off to her. We had been storing a few presents up for her, plus I had a few photobooks done on foto.com. Only about 10€ for 240 photos in each book (about 80 odd pages in each). OK the photos are a bit on the small side because the pages are only A5-sized, but it saves money and also hassle getting the photos run off at 6 x 4 size, then stuffing them into a little photo album. Its more original, quoi!

We sent her one and had the others done for my PIL’s and also for Thumpah”s Marraine (Godmother) down in Hérault.

Having not spoken to my Grandma over in the UK, nor my Uncle who lives with her since last Summer – I sent them a photobook too with a note to explain what it contained; Our holidays in Bretagne & Antibes, plus my 40th, Thumpah’s 41st and Rémys 3rd, birthdays.

With those plus Christmas going by without even an acknowledgement on their part.

Also I mentioned that we are expecting a baby girl at the end of September and that Rémy will be starting school à la rentrée. He also did them a small card that I used to write the message to them. Then I took a photo of Rémy holding the card, which Thumpah printed off at work to A4 size to include with the photo album.

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