Visit to Port aux Cerises, Draveil

This afternoon we drove over to Port aux Cerises, which is situated next to the Seine between Draveil and Vigneux-sur-Seine. From the N104 we passed along the east side of the Seine, which is a whole lot prettier than the west side which includes the RN7 and Evry. All pretty ugly there.


The Port aux Cerises is one of 12 open-air leisure centres in the île de France. As well as two large boating lakes, there are facilities for several sports including tennis, football & The Pony Club to name but a few. But more of interest to us are several rides for children along with a mini farm. All of these are paid for with the “local currency” known as “Zozo’s” (a play on the word “sou” – an old term for money in France).

On safari

One Zozo is about 1.70€ – we bought 20 = 22€. You then use these to pay for the rides. The first of which were some guided Jeeps that pass through a mini safari circuit. 1 Zozo for each ride (about 3 circuits). Rémy loved it. The mini farm we visited was 3 Zozos – for me and Rémy to enter. Thumpah stayed outside with Toffee, so she could take photos of us.

Little Zoo
Baa baa grey sheep...

The two girls in there were busy cleaning out the animals, but managed to exchange a few words before leaving us so they could take a break joking that “we were in charge now, to clean out the poop, feed them and then pluck the feathers on the geese”. I replied “For tonight?” – goose as an evening meal sounded good!

For a further 3 Zozo’s Rémy could spend 20 minutes playing on a playground complete with bouncy castle and a McDonalds-style climbing frame. (5 Zozo’s for the whole day).

One more go on the Jeeps, where Rémy found himself driven crazy by an older little girl and it was time to go home.

Driven mad by a girl...? Not Rémy!

Of course… then, he didn’t want to go, but we’ll be back. The complexe is only 5 mins walk from Juvisy RER, so from the station in Mennecy I can take Rémy myself during the week.

It was fairly quiet there today, maybe the grey skies put people off. More likely that the population of the île de France has left to travel down south… I still can’t get over France putting up that big “fermé” sign in July and especially August!

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