Cycle trailer for Rémy

Following the scan on Friday morning we dashed off to Soisy-sur-Seine for a look at a cycle trailer we saw advertised on “Le Bon Coin”. At 80€ we thought it was quite reasonable, especially as it is a Decathlon one which sell for nearer 200€ brand new!

The bloke selling it was coming down from Paris, as the trailer was stored at his Maman’s place in Soisy. He was a bit late arriving, so we had to wait around 30 mins, so went off for a little walk along the Seine nearby.

Strange to think we were just the other side of the river from Evry. It was so peaceful.

Once he arrived, he explained about everything concerning the trailer. He had used it for his two daughters, who were playing with Rémy as we chatted. Once he found the attachment to fix the trailer to the bike, he even came and helped put it on our roof rack.

So we set off, rather slowly and carefully. In  fact we were running late as I had a physio appointment next in Champcueil, so we had to give Joseph the kiné a call and eventually arrived there 30 mins late. Luckily he is quite easy going, telling us that as long as we arrived before 3pm that should be OK. He was due to leave to go on holiday, which made me feel a bit bad about messing him about.

So my last appointment now for 2 weeks.

My back has the occasional painful twinge, but is a lot better than it was 3 weeks ago. Just need to be careful now.

[/caption]Once home we set about cleaning the trailer, as it had been sitting outside for a few days. Then got out my old Raleigh Massif to get the tyres pumped up and the whole bike cleaned. Hadn’t used it for about a year or so.

This bike is very special to me, as it came over with me back in 1997. I had used it to get to work during the Summer months back in Leicester.

New bike trailer

Squeaky clean trailer with a little help from Rémy.

Saturday was a shopping day. In fact we *were* going to get some more papering done in Emma’s nursery, but then Rémy woke up early from his sieste. Shortly after that we realised that our phone line had a problem. We had messages on the Freebox but the phone hadn’t rang all day.

One of the messages was from Claude, who said he was coming up from Vichy on Monday to build a wall for us. So we had to dash out at 4.30pm to TLMC to buy some building materials, after spending about 30 mins or so calculating what we were going to need. Before ringing him back later with the list of things we’d bought.

Hopefully we’ll be delivered with all the stuff on Tuesday… although where we’re going to put it all is another matter.

Later on we headed to St Maclou where we bought the lino for Emma’s nursery then did some grocery shopping at Leader Price… we crammed in about a weeks worth of shopping in just a few hours.

Sunday morning I decided to give Rémy a spin in the new trailer. Really is great, really impressed. In fact, it was so light even with Rémy inside, that I nearly forget it was there. Not a good idea because I soon found out that there were quite a few bumpy places and bollards to negotiate. Which must have impressed Rémy! He didn’t seem fazed about being bounced around.

In fact, he loved it. He didn’t really say so, but I could tell that he enjoyed the ride. We went all the way along the cycle path along side the RN191 as far as the La Poste in Mennecy.

Then back again for a little walk in parc Villeroy. Pretty soon we had to head back for lunch though, but I really enjoyed cycling on my old Raleigh and being able to take Rémy along with me. So much better than having a seat for him on the back of the bike, which was frankly knackering.

At parc Villeroy, Mennecy...

My old Raleigh Massif with trailer

Like This!

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  1. Love the bike and the trailer! Very convenient for the both of you. Good excercise for you while you take Rémy along!

    As the Brits like to say “brillant”!

    Watched the video also. I adore Fontenay…soooo green and peaceful there. I confess I envy you somewhat.

    I am somewhat stuck here in “purgatory”! lol!

    Do you and Isa shop at “La Grande Ferme” natural foods market there across from the “Eglise de Fontenay”?

    I saw there website:

    By the way, your Dad served in the British Navy or was it the RAF?

    I was thinking about you and your Dad while watching the following documentary.
    Hood vs Bismark History Channel Documentary)

    Great to hear from you again. Rémy is growing very fast!

    Sincères salutations,


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