Getting by with a few friends and a wardrobe

Me with Rémy, Julian & Bernadette

We’ve had quite a busy weekend. Saturday I prepared the cot for the new baby… sanding it down and starting to mask everything for painting. Bernadette & Julian came round to help put the wardrobe back together for the nursery.

It is so big that we had to take it apart so we could decorate, carefully storing it downstairs in our basement. So Saturday morning saw me bringing all the pieces back up from there.

Putting it back together was a bit of a major headache, in fact so was taking it apart. The latter I did on my own, but I could have never have put it all back together all on my own. I needed the extra hands!

Bernadette & Julian stopped for dinner, as a payment… poulet basquaise…

With Nelly & Adam

On Sunday afternoon Nelly, an old colleague of Thumpah’s, came round for some dessert bringing her son Adam with her. Rémy loved having someone to play with and I took both them out on a tour around the village by bike and trailer.

Adam was certainly testing Rémy and annoying his Maman. I had to tell him to be nice to Rémy and to stop jumping on our swinging bench in the garden.

But at least they enjoyed the tour around the village – both of them screaming and passers by saying “Bonjour”.

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