La rentrée 2010

Rémy ready to go to school

La rentrée was last Thursday, I know… or it least it was in this part of France! Now we about to come up to Rémys first week at school and I’m wondering where all the time has gone.

To be honest it has been a bit of a shock to the system for me. Apprehension that everything will go OK for Rémy, that he’ll make friends and not have any bother. But also now realising that for Thumpah and me our whole life is going to change now for the next 15 years or so.

For a start we have to get up earlier Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday and have to not only have Rémy at school for the right times but also be off the premises by a set time too! Thats when the gates are locked. Who didn’t say school was like a prison?

Really, I needn’t have worried so much as on his first day he just couldn’t wait to get into the class room and get involved. Mind you the place was crowded with parents so we just managed to push through them to say goodbye to him. We left him sitting at a table surrounded by people, playing a puzzle.

We have generally alternated taking him back and forth to school between myself and Thumpah. As she is due to give birth in just a few weeks she has sometimes taken the car. Whereas I’ve been to get him with the bike and trailer. That gets a few stares when I roll up. On one of the first days I made the mistake of leaving the bike and trailer inside the railings at the entrance to the school. When I came back with Rémy I found two mothers and their kids standing in front of it. Lots of  “pardons” to get through them and install Rémy in the trailer, before the bike fell over and nearly took a few chunks out of their ankles. They were not too bad about it considering… the “pardons” followed by “désolés”.

When I took Rémy to school after lunch on the first day I was initiated into the French habit of the sieste for him. Taking him into the little dormitory next to the class room and leaving him on his little camp bed looking very bewildered. I explained the best I could, but in the end apparently he didn’t sleep a wink. Just lay there staring at the ceiling.

It appears too that he has made a girl friend called Julia. He seems to be attracted to girls a lot – which has probably started because he spends a fair amount of time with his cousin Amélie who is 8. She sees him with SIL, Martine, at the times we pass each other going in and out of school. It is a bit stressful when he throws a strop yelling “Ammméliieeeeeé” as we try to get out of the playground at hometime. He becomes inconsolable when he can’t give her a “bisou” before going home.

Rémy with Amélie & Tata Martine

Not even the prospect of a ride home in the trailer calms him.

All in all the first week has been smooth, but tiring for us all. We’ll soon get into the swing of things, but it is going to heat up for me in December when Thumpah goes back to work and I’m left holding the baby (literally) once again!

Monsieur le Maire, Jean-Luc Gouarin addresses the parents with Maire Adjoint Patrick Baldy to the left.
Maitresse Madame Viale addresses the parents.

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    1. Yes that is a bit of a worry, Sarah. So far he is quite enthusiastic about saying English words and sees the “two sides”. For example he says to his Maman: “Qu’est que c’est?” with me its “Wossat?”. 🙂

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