Cabin fever

"Anybody in????"
"Wotchoo wont?"
Maman showing Emma her future home...
Rémy making himself at home.
"Lets get out of here before he wakes up!"
"OK Mamie... just a quick photo then"

Imported from the Dordogne on Monday is this cabin, that Rémy’s Grandparents brought back from Brantôme.  Rémy, as you can see was delighted. We need to give it a clean and cover the roof with something, but otherwise it is cool.

Yesterday Rémy caught a cold and has since gone through a fever stage. He went to see the Doctor with Thumpah this morning and after a sleep this afternoon is feeling a bit better. He doesn’t like his nose running one bit, though… Personally I think he is pulling on the sympathy vote, but as all parents know, that always works when your little one is a bit under the weather…

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