The names are official…

…forgot to mention, as we’ve been to the Mairie in Courcouronnes, Emma’s names are now all official. Don’t blame me for not adding it to my previous post. Perhaps blame the Actifed tablets?

So, eyes down… look out…

  1. Emma (because we like it. Oh and it is easier for English people to get their tongues round, unlike Rémy. Who cares if it is about the most popular girls name in France at the moment?)
  2. Claire (Thumpah’s Mum’s name… in fact we all call her Clairette. But we’ve used her “real name” because of the following third name would make two “ettes”.)
  3. Annette (My Mum’s name – no, she isn’t French).
  4. Maureen (Emma’s Great Grandma’s name. I want her to live on through my daughter.)

There you go… all her names. She has 4 and Rémy just has 3.

Rémy… Victor… Michel…

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