This is how I will remember my Grandma

Maureen Lucy Rosina Holyland (nee Doolan) passed away peacefully on the 11th November.

My Grandma with my son Rémy.

Doolan family at the turn of the century…

Grandma’s Dad…

Family Tree…

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  1. Sorry for your loss John, I hope going over there has helped you and that you made some peace with the situation. It is never an easy time loosing family, but you must try and remember the good memories x x x

  2. Thanks Trina. I put this video up because I just don’t want to remember how I saw her this week. The first time I visited her, when I arrived on Wednesday morning, she lifted her arms under the bedclothes to show that she heard me and my cousin Nicola talking to her.

    That meant so much to me. I visited her twice, the last time I said I’d come back tomorrow before going home. But she died that night. I guess she said to herself that she’d seen everyone and now was the time to go.

    It was so nice to see all my Uncles and they were all brilliant with me. The oldest one was over from Canada and held everyone together all the way through.

    As my Grandma used to say to me when I was a kid, at bedtime when I was staying over… “Godbless”.

  3. Thanks Deanna. So am I.

    As I didn’t visit very often, I really wanted to take a video of her with Rémy. He saw her once more in 2008 when he was about 18 months old.

    My daughter has my Grandmas name as one of her middle names.

  4. I am really sorry for your grandmother.It’s good that you could have seen her a last time. my grandmother passed away a year and a half ago and it was still difficult for me.You have all my sympathy in this difficult time.

  5. Sorry to hear about your Grandma, Isabelle. Hope that she didn’t suffer too much at the end. Thanks to for the sympathy.

    I have to admit that it upset me when I saw her for the first time whilst I was in the UK this week. But I just wanted to tell her about things and tell her I loved her and that I’d be taking part of her away with me back to France in my heart.

  6. My condolences to you, John, on the loss of your Grandmother.

    I believe she has gone to a better place.

    I lost my Maternal Grandmother in ’95 while attending Souther Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois.

    I and my family would visit her in the retirement home as often as possible.

    She was born in April of 1895 and lived to be almost 100. She was married in 1912.

    Condolences once again.


  7. My Grandma was born in October 1925, Robert, in Colchester, Essex. She was the only one in our family who had a different accent to the rest of us who were all brought up in Leicester (although my Mum, sister Yvonne and brother Michael were all born in Colchester).

    My Grandparents met during the war, my Grandad was from Leicester and stationed down there in the Navy. In the early 50’s they moved to Leicester.
    My Mum, who is the oldest of their 10 children, was born in 1947.

    Thanks for the condolences.

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