A moan about Littlewoods and Amazon.co.uk

It is a little moan too. First off about Amazon.co.uk – having done a lot of Christmas shopping from here in France with them, I am used to certain items they stock not being available to those of us outside of the UK.

But here’s a good one. Wanting to spread some English-style Christmas cheer to my 3 year old son, I decided to buy an album of songs.

“Now thats what I call Christmas” isn’t available at Amazon.fr. So I turned to the UK site – where I’m unable to download the MP3 version so bought the 3 CD version instead.
When the email came through to say that it had been despatched, I was also given some “credit towards MP3 downloads”. Hmmm themselves, foot, shoot, in the, springs to mind… WHY GIVE ME CREDITS WHEN I CAN’T SODDIN USE THEM???

Now onto Littlewoods… another small moan. As you’ve seen from my previous entry on my blog I recently lost my Grandma. Somebody from Littlewoods Europe, no less, decided to leave the following comment on my blog:

“Sorry to read of your sad loss but how lovely that your Grandma’s name lives on in your daughter. Best wishes.”

OK – thats a nice comment in itself, but I was rather disappointed to realise that this entry was actually spam. The entry also contained a link to the Littlewoods site, via the name of the postee.

I get lots of spam on my blog, the most of it unintelligent crap. I’d class this comment with the rest and as such will consign it to the bin.

In case someone else is considering the same sort of trick, I’ll tell you now that all comments that contain a link, are, as a matter of course on moderation. This has always been the case, as I for one do not want to waste readers time with this sort of thing.

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