From my new daughter to a snowy December

There has been a wind blowing through my blog with an occasional calm in the form of a video. As of late I have been spending far too much time on Facebook, meaning that my blog has been sitting there neglected to some extent. True I add stuff like links and update the title photo. Have also been working on the Yearly Review for 2010… the link to which I’ve added to Christmas cards this year.

My daughter, Emma Claire Annette Maureen NELSON, was born on the 18th September. Since then it seems that time and Thumpah’s maternity leave has flown by. Days before Emma was born, I heard my only remaining Grandma had been diagnosed with liver cancer. That resulted in us fairly hurriedly deciding to add Maureen, to Emma’s middle names. So that her Great Grandma’s memory will live on.

On Wednesday the 10th November I took the Eurostar back to the UK, as my Grandma’s situation worsened. Thanks to my cousin Nicola, who picked me up from London Road station in Leicester we were at my Grandma’s bedside by 11am. I was (and still am) deeply shocked to see my Grandma in such a state. It was so difficult to see someone who was so full of life reduced to looking totally drained of it. As soon as we spoke to her she lifted her arms up under the bedclothes to say she could hear us. I read out a letter from Thumpah who couldn’t come with me, told her I loved her and that Emma had her name as one of hers. I spoke of a few memories… anything that came into my shocked brain at the time.

My Dad’s friend Nigel kindly let me stay with him – which was such a comfort. On the Thursday I went back to see my Grandma – spoke to her for about 15 minutes while caressing her head. Said I’d be back tomorrow as I was returning to France then. Sadly she passed away at 9pm that night. I think she had decided that she’d heard from everyone, so it was time to go.

My trip back to France was done on autopilot.

I want to say a big thanks to my Uncles for being very supportive, in particular my Uncles Michael, Peter & Paul who made my visits a whole lot more bearable. It was so upsetting, but they added some normality to it all.

So now I’m sitting here at nearly 2am as it snows outside – my visit seems another world away and we are getting ready for Christmas. Somehow I have managed to tell Rémy that his Great Grandma is là-haut with Chipie our dog who we lost at this time last year. He has Chicken Pox at the moment, along with a chest infection. We hope he’ll be recovered before Christmas. The Doctor has told us that he’ll have to stay house-bound for 2 weeks.

With all this, plus of course having Emma to look after it has been a very tiring few months. We still think of my Grandma and realise that any visits back home will no longer be the same. We were due to spend Christmas in the UK this year, but have decided to stay here.

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