Pass the parcel is really boring… lets play at pass the germ instead!

Since Rémy started school back in September, he has had about 4 bad colds/coughs in a row! The latest illness for him is now Chicken Pox… with a cold on top. A couple of weeks ago both me and Thumpah had our Whooping Cough vaccinations. Thumpah had a painful arm, I had a bad reaction and basically ached all over for about 3 days. In short, Daddy felt like shit.

When Rémy then started to cough, we feared the worse. Then spots started to appear – and we got very puzzled. Thumpah took him to the Doctors, where the verdict was good ole Chicken Pox, with about 5 different medications for him to take. The Doc also insisted he stay at home for 2 weeks as passing it on to those in fragile health (e.g. someone undergoing chemotherapy or a woman in preganancy) could have serious implications.

Both of us are now coming down with bad colds, Thumpah isn’t that brilliant at the moment. Emma also has a cough and so she is at the Doctors this morning. Meanwhile we are trying to explain to a 3 year old Rémy that he shouldn’t touch Emma… if she got Chicken Pox, then it’ll be a hospital job. Trouble is, he wants to give her kisses frequently during the day. So he takes that as a bit of a punishment because he doesn’t understand why he can’t kiss her anymore.

Perhaps it is peace of mind to know that both me and Thumpah have had the dreaded pox already. Me at 6 years old and her at… 9 months!

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