I’m a Dad, I’m not perfect, I’m human… Daddies loose their temper too!

Thumpah started back to work yesterday, a Wednesday. It was fairly easy on me because her parents took Rémy with his cousin to the cinema over in Evry.

But yesterday wasn’t easy for them or Thumpah, due to the chaos caused by the snow that fell from about midday. She had to leave work an hour early to get home on time. Meanwhile Rémy his cousin and his Grandparents took 3 hours to travel the 15km home from the cinema last night.

Rémy used his “je suis malade” trump card to get exactly what he wanted once he arrived home. Of course, we felt sorry for him after being stuck in a car for so long. But then realised that he was a lot better than he was making out.

So it was just me and Emma yesterday and she was fairly calm.

Today, Thumpah took Rémy to school only to find Monsieur le Maire turning parents away from school. The Headmistress and one teacher had phoned in to say that they couldn’t get in due to local roads being blocked by the snowfall. So they came back home and I ended up with the two of them today.

Right from this morning I struggled trying to feed Emma while trying to keep an eye on Rémy. Then getting lunch cooked. Then Emma decided she wasn’t going to be calm this afternoon once Rémy was having his sieste.

I lost it – got totally stressed out when really there was no need to. Where did that come from???

Emma got told off and I put her to bed 3 times as I felt the anger mount inside me. My thinking is that I am putting her out of the way so I can try and get a grip. But then she cries in bed (of course) and that really doesn’t help me to calm down one bit.

In the end I came into the living room and threw Rémys chair across the room, before sitting down for a bit on the settee. Emma had calmed down by then and had stopped crying, so I sat and chatted to Thumpah on Skype. I was totally wound up. Once I had got a grip, I went to go and get Rémy from his room. He had been awake from when I had started shouting and door slamming but chose to stay in bed (wise lad).

I went into his room feeling a bit ashamed and said “Daddy lost his temper Rémy, don’t worry”. So he said “Emma was crying. Perhaps it is because she is hungry”. Then started explaining to me how to make up a bottle for Emma. Somehow that made me feel 100% better, as I could see he was trying to comfort his poor old Dad who had lost it.

After that he was adorable – really nice with me, so I made him a hot chocolate after his quatre-heures. I calmly went to get Emma when she woke, gave her a big hug and lots of kisses telling her that Daddy was sorry. Rémy got himself dressed (he’d even gone to the loo in a potty we keep in his room by himself – he is now doing complete nights with no nappy now).

I fed Emma – and as I type she is sitting in her baby seat playing with the toys hanging from the frame over it, as Rémy watches Balamory on TV. Just as if nothing happened when Daddy “lost it” for an hour this afternoon.

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