In a previous life I worked for a bus company…

John Nelson and Robin Pointon

Now we’re going back a bit. After I left Leicester School of Printing back in 1990, I spent 4 months unemployed until I found a job working for a bus company called Midland Fox. Not driving for them, as a lot of people used to think, but working in the Publicity Department as an Assistant (during my time there my job description changed from Publicity Assistant to Marketing Assistant, but the job itself didn’t change) mainly typesetting, answering the phone and dealing with the mail bag. Later on in my time there, we also worked once a week in the “print room” at Southgates depot (both now closed and the print room long gone from the car park!).

These photos were taken when I left the company in October 1995. It was an interesting time for me and as a bus enthusiast I remember I was quite proud to work there at the start. But then the reality of the business side of a bus company kicked in and I think that this period of my life changed my view of my “hobby” forever. Still it was great to have met a number of fellow enthusiasts and interesting people through my job and also to have taken part in the various bus & coach rally attendences. In my first 4 years, these were ran by Nigel Eggleton (Planning Manager). In my last year I took over the sales stand side while Paul Swann (Garage Manager of Sandacre then later Southgates depots) took care of the vehicle side, as well as driving us to the various events. More of which anon…

When push came to shove, I was shoved. Sadly morale was going down hill in the Publicity Department way back then, I was one of many to leave at the time. Not long after, the Head Office where I worked, moved from Leicester city centre out to Thurmaston, where it still is under Arriva Midlands.

Before they did, though, I was quite pleased to carry on working for the company on one project whilst at my next job with Copying Services Limited. Spending weeks drawing the diagrams of the companies’ various buildings to make up a thick book of plans for submission to Leicestershire Fire Service, on behalf of Midland Foxs’ Engineering department. So I had call to come back to see my ex colleagues, which was great.

Out of all of the ex colleagues, I have been in touch with just 2 or 3 thanks mostly to the internet.

My thanks to Doug Colley (Admin Manager and a true Midland Red man) for the great conversations plus the photos you can see here and to my ex Boss, Robin Pointon (Commercial Manager) for having at least kept me on for 5 enjoyable years. It was also fun working with Roger (now living in Poland), Steve, Guy (who I spoke to on the phone last week), Mick, Matt, Kerry and Ashley.

With staff from the Publicity and Planning Departments

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