So you continue to shout at your kid, even when they’ve done nothing wrong?

Tonight my MIL kindly came over to babysit while I went to fetch Rémy from school. In fact I was about to get Emma ready to go when she phoned, so took the easy way out when it was offered.

When I got to the school, for some reason all the kids had taken a goûter outside. So as the avalanche of parents (including myself) arrived at the steps up to the classroom, so did the kids. So I had to wait a while until they sorted out the kids and gave each one to the right parents.

Rémy has a fan club of girls and one in particular always grabs hold of him, so she can walk part of the way home. On the couple of occasions this has happened with me, I end up having to tag along. When we got out of the school to take the path around the mairie, she found another friend. So Rémy was attached to 2 little girls and I was attached to Rémy.

At the bottom of the path there is a pedestrian crossing over the road in front of the Mairie. A car stopped for us so we all crossed. We had only walked a few metres when the mother of the second girl appeared from the path and started shouting at her for having crossed the road on her own.

When the Mother got nearer I said to her that “a car had stopped so she crossed with me”. But she gave me a look as if to say “I’m going to correct my daughter anyway” – so as I walked off, she constantly told her daughter off as everyone walked along.

But why? OK I’m like an old woman when it comes to Rémy crossing over the road. But I think that the girl concerned, who must have been about 8 years old (same age as Rémy’s cousin Amélie who is in her class, I think), should know by now what you should do at a pedestrian crossing.

I hope that I won’t be the same with Rémy one day, as he would no doubt find it embarrassing to be told off like that at 8 years old in front of all the other parents!

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