Into the last run…

Tonight we went over to my brother-in-law Alain’s place to celebrate his birthday. So the whole family was there plus Alains childhood friend, Marco with his family. Tomorrow I go back to my full-time job as a home Dad to my son and daughter. Thumpah is a lot better, coughing still (so am I), but will be back at work tomorrow.

Next weekend we are back with the family again, at Alain & Sylvianes place again, along with Marco and his family to celebrate Christmas Eve for THE meal and pretty copious it is too. In my 13 years here I’m still not totally used to the blow out on the evening of the 24th, of course too, being in France we spend hours at the dinner table. I’m not criticising that in anyway, because it is a French tradition where people love to communicate over food. Where I come from, food is there to be eaten, not at all to be talked about and certainly the dinner table isn’t a place to talk a length. In fact I think that sometimes the French communicate a lot more than we do and are so much better at it!

So I’m going to have a very excited Rémy this week with me. Emma is of course too young to understand what is going on, even if she is really taken in by the decorations and the Christmas tree. We’ve bought some window decorations and we have some mince pies to make (we have two jars of mincemeat in store) – so hopefully I’m going to find things to do with Rémy in between Emma’s feeds.

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