Breathless in the Essonne

Hmm… it had been my intention to post a video of our New Years celebration, but I simply haven’t had the time to edit it. So as with everything else in the New Year it is going to be late… then again, I have the rest of 2011 to do it in theory.

We are all still getting over month long colds and coughs here, still lingering on for me and Emma and a little bit for Isa. Not fun being ill over the festivities, but we all had a great time all the same thanks very much to French friends and family.

Since the weekend, and mostly yesterday, I’ve had a bit of a scare. Being Wednesday, I had both Rémy and Emma with me – so no dashes to school to make. Although my MIL has been looking after Emma so I can do the pre-lunch school dash then she has been taking Rémy to school for the afternoon start. But yesterday I was so glad not to do any dashing at all, because it seemed any minor excertion just made me very breathless. Very scary to be honest, especially mid-morning when I had to go and lie down for 10 minutes to try to breath normally. This continued all through the day more or less. Rémy went to his Grandparents at 3pm and Emma went for her nap about 30 minutes before. So I just rested until Thumpah arrived home from work. Luckily Emma started to wake up just after she and Rémy walked through the door.

I have to say that I feel better this morning after a good nights sleep – something that I’ve not had a lot of lately because I just can’t relax. OK, I couldn’t sleep between about 2am and 3.30am, but got a full quota of 8 hours in.

Also yesterday I was a little bit annoyed with a clever dick at Thumpah’s work place. Thumpah is seeking to change her work hours by 15 minutes, meaning a 9am start instead of the usual 8.45am one. In theory her boss has no objection (he’s a nice bloke anyway), but someone else has. Why? As they think that because I’m here I can take the kids to school myself, and because they brought up their two kids by themselves… although admittedly they had their Mother to look after the kids while they worked.

It is just to avoid me having to make 4 round trips to school during the day. I already do 3 and it seems a bit daft that if Thumpah had an extra 15 mins then she can take Rémy to school on her way to work… it is actually on her route. Otherwise we’d probably have to get up and hour or two earlier so I can take Rémy to work myself, dragging poor Emma along with me (who is usually asleep when Rémy leaves for school anyway).

We’ll have to see how things go.

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