A special event in Rémy’s “Cahier de Vie”.

Now I suppose you are asking: “What is a Cahier de Vie when it’s at ‘ome?”. Some you out there probably already know. If you live outside of France and are not really an enthusiast of the place, then you are more than likely in the dark.

At Rémy’s school (and at no doubt other Primary Schools in France) he has a large scrapbook which the teachers use to add messages and news to, to keep us parents informed. That could be anything from asking us permission to take photos of Rémy to telling us that there is a school trip coming up.

It is also used sometimes for us to add events in Rémys life, especially after the school holidays. Or just when something significant happens in our lives that we’d like to share with Rémys teachers/class.

So last night Thumpah wrote about a recent theatre trip she made with Rémy to see her old troupe play in Vert-le-Grand. In fact it was the Christmas show, but they performed an extra date last week. Daddy (me) printed off a few photos nicked (sorry Gino) from the Côté Jardin site – the name of the troupe. Plus I printed off a photo of me with Rémy & Emma as I wanted to share the fact I’m back home from hospital and just mark the date for the future.

So Thumpah wrote out the descriptions and did the following which touched me so much:

Cahier de Vie

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  1. Aww – these are the kind of things you have to treasure and keep for ages and ages 🙂

    Aha! And I know what calins means – as the girls had to read a French children’s book for school – it was about a little rabbit that was ‘un peu a travers’ (they’re studying ‘children and special needs care’) but was the best at giving ‘calins’ – and I had to help them with the difficult words (yaay for google translator as my french dictionnary is so last century :D) which taught me a few new words too 🙂

    p.s. I should set up my keyboard to recognise other languages and add proper accents, but pff… you know what needs to go where ;))

    1. Funnily enough we’ve kept a box of “things” since Rémy’s birth, but haven’t done the same for Emma. So need to start, as there are certain things that are worth keeping.
      Rémy is très calin – he always has been. It probably won’t last, but it would be nice if he stays as affectionate. I guess they are mad about calins and bisous here – enough to make someone back home in Leicester retch. 😉

      As for keyboards… apart from that on my Kindle, ours are all French so have all the accents in place. Which saves looking up the ASCII number to go with the Alt button. But makes it a bit of a nightmare for me whenever I use a QWERTY in the UK.

  2. No Cahier de Vie this year in Edin’s school. He’ll probably get a “carnet de liaison” or a “carnet de correspondance” when he goes to Primary School and then to High School, but a cahier de vie is a much better name (and a much better concept too) imo. ,

    At the maternelle school here, parents take their children into the classroom every morning so the teacher can see them and talk to them personally.

    It’s a shame not to have such a cahier de vie however because it would be good to keep written memories of all the events happening this year and at the end of the year we would put it in Edin’s box (with his maternity bracelet, his first dummy, the shoes he wore for his christening, his first drawing and many little things that are so incredibly precious to our hearts).

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