A little boy in Wartime England

Uncle Alan

After my Dad died in 1990, I came across this photo in the tool chest in a corner of his box room, stuck under a few old chisels and tools. My Mum told me that it was Uncle Alan, my Dad’s oldest brother. There was even a date on the back of the photo, 1944.

That was the year before my Dad was born. During the Second World War, my Grandad (their Dad) was working as a mechanic at Braunstone Aerodrome in Leicester. For all I know, at Desford Aerodrome too – as Braunstone was a satelite of Desford. Both are now occupied by very large factories; Desford by Caterpillar and Braunstone by British Shoe Corporation.

In the postwar years my Grandad went on to work for Armstrong Whitworth and Auster Aircraft at Rearsby. But from one of the few childhood memories my Dad told me about, the fact their Dad was involved so closely with aircraft, made them get interested anything in that flew in the sky at a very early age. As a child my Uncle, apparently, upon seeing an aircraft fly over would jump up and down shouting “LOOK! A DIZZY!!!”

My Uncle Alan passed away a couple of years ago, pity I didn’t really know him that well.

My Dad at is wedding in 1969 with Uncle Alan (left)

About their parents…

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