Drat… Forgot about the local French village carnival

Near enough 2 weeks ago, my son Rémy participated in his first village school carnival. He has come of age.
Dressed by Thumpah in his pirate costume and carrying a sword… sorry cutlass, made by Daddy in a rush that morning (which later broke when Rémy had a sword fight with the neighbours son) he was pleased to go with his Mamy and Thumpah to take part with all the other mons…errr-humm… s’cuse me… KIDS!

There he was able to see his (mainly) female fan club of older girls… He’s got somethin’

The location of this happy event was at the local Foyer Rural.

Rémy's cousin Amélie
Feel sorry for the poor kid far left
Rémy in the thick of it with his friend Clarisse in front
BURP! Rémy the pirate - minus eye patch.

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