“Fromage pour…” its a BIG problem.

Fromage pour... RACLETTE

Being a big lover of French cheese, something that has happened over my time living in France, I suddenly feel that sometimes we are all being short-changed.

As well as loving cheese on a bit’o bread, I also love the dishes cooked with cheese. In the main Raclette and Tartiflette. In fact it may surprise you to know that the latter isn’t a traditional dish but more a promotion to sell Reblochon cheese. Even so, it is my favourite dish – traditional French or not!

But recently I’ve realised that for both dishes we are constantly being duped by products proclaiming to be “Fromage pour…”. The other day we were more than a little disappointed when we bought one of these products. “Fromage pour Raclette”… we melted it in the little pans, boiled “rose” potatoes and charcuterie on our plates at the ready… to find… it tasted nothing like Raclette.

Thumpah said to me – “Its Emmental”. ARGGHHH!!!! What a disappointment! It just didn’t taste right. It is cheese FOR Raclette and not… errr… “Raclette”. It tasted nice in its non melted state, though… But we don’t buy Raclette to eat like that. Besides this stuff was more expensive than the real McCoy!

We have been caught out before with my favourite dish too. Whatever you do, never ever buy “Fromage pour… Tartiflette” – if it has Reblochon written on it, then that is the correct cheese for the dish. Not some substitute which will disappoint.

Fromage pour... TARTIFLETTE

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