Lunch outside on a half-price picnic table

For starters... a grumpy Rémy


  • Duck pâté.
  • Fresh ravioli stuffed with tomatoes & mozzella, served with blue cheese sauce.
  • Ham farci.
  • Compote (in my case apple & rhubarb).

Today we ate outside for the first time this year. Such a lovely feeling, nice smells – aside from when the neighbours fire up their BBQ. Turtle Doves having a scrap in the trees, our dog Toffee crashing into the compost heap while trying to chase them… that sort of thing…

Earlier in the week I assembled a picnic table we bought last year from Casto (Castorama) – a nice little bargain through taking the “Carte Castorama” after we bought a gazebo for our terrace (the next job). Still nursing my blistered right hand from screwdriver abuse.

The card entitles us to discounts on further purchases, including our table. Could be useful…

This is where Rémy is going to be sleeping from now on. He doesn't know yet!


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