1935 Silver Jubilee

Herald David Holyland aged 10

This is really the only connection that I have with this historic event. The Silver Jubilee of George V. My maternal Grandad, born to a Jewish family in Leicester in 1925 and brought up around the Marfitt Street area features on this postcard. No doubt issued by the school he attended.

My Grandad around 1943

He later served in the Royal Navy during WW2 on the Murmansk Run and during the Post-War years became a Policeman, then a bus driver for Leicester Corporation before settling on becoming a building site foreman.

As a boy in the late 1970’s I remember him being a night shift Security Guard at Leicester University, which in turn employed both my Grandma and one of my Uncles from the Holyland family.

He passed away after several years of ill health in 1990.


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