3 year old Rémy starts to write…

…in fact he’ll be 4 next month. I remember being able to write my own name when I was at the same age.

On Wednesday, as I had both kids at home for the morning, I decided to give Rémy a “cahier de travail” (a work book). Putting the date in the top right hand corner of the page, so we can see his progress, I wrote a few simple words that he knew so he could try and copy them. In the end he did about 3 pages of copying my written words, followed by a couple of drawings

He has already got how to write his name, from school. But I was totally amazed at how quickly he understood how to form the letters and even start to recognise which was which. You can see his first page below…

Click to enlarge

He now constantly refers to his book as his “cahier de travail” and seems to be very proud to have one!

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