Whole family on Easter Sunday 2011

My MIL decided that we should do a family photo yesterday. I was pleased to use my Grandads old tripod, which dates from the 1950’s, so we could use two MODERN digital cameras on it to take a few shots of everyone. Here is one of the three pictures taken with my camera.

My in-laws, the Briant family with me.

LEFT TO RIGHT: top row… Florent (nephew – Alains son), Alain (BIL), Lise (niece – Alains daughter), Patrick (BIL), Thumpah, me. bottom row… Michel (FIL), Amélie (niece – Patricks daughter), Clairette (MIL) with Emma (my daughter), Sylviane (SIL – Alains wife), Martine (SIL – Patricks wife) with my son Rémy on her lap.

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