Our Royal Wedding in France

The front of our house on Thursday 28th April 2011. © John Nelson.
Friday 29th April - on the day - our Royal lunch. © John Nelson.

With the little Blip (see previous posts), I have finally got around to publishing these two photos from our Royal Wedding celebration over here in France.

Arriving back from the village school with my son Rémy, I pressed him into service with helping me decorate the front of our house. On the Wednesday, when he was off school, I did a few exercises with him using photos of various things Royal, to try and teach him a little of my culture. Getting him to draw pictures of the Queen, Westminster Abbey and to colour in a Union Jack (which he did really well).

I think he found the whole thing quite hard to understand and as a result wasn’t very enthusiastic about doing the decorations. Or maybe I did something wrong as a Dad in trying to explain?

He is becoming very Francophone I have to admit.

In the end he helped by passing me the balloons to put up, then pretending to be an angry bull with the flag. That helped a lot…

As I was busy with Emma on the day itself, I set the ceremony to record on our Freebox. Coverage has been quite extensive really. In English via: Sky News, France 24 and BBC Entertainment. I chose the latter and started to clear the Freeboxs’ hard drive to make room for the recording. Then I cooked us all a “Fry Up” or a breakfast as the French call it for our lunch. Thumpah came home from work so we could all eat together, a very British meal.

Walking back from school in the afternoon, we were joined by Clarisse, Rémy’s 8 year old friend. They are mostly inseperable, but often I find conversation a bit difficult on our short walk back from school, until Clarisse leaves us to walk the rest of the way home by herself. Usually I take a goûter for both Rémy and Clarisse before leaving home at 4.25pm, so that breaks the ice a little bit. Usually a chocolate crêpe each.

On our walk back I decided to ask her if she was going to see “le marriage”. To my surprise, she knew what I was talking about straight away and told me that her Mum had set it to record on France Télévision, so they could watch it that evening. Do the French take as much interest in matters Royal as we do? I honestly think they are curious at least.

During the day I heard loud bangs from outside. The balloons we’re popping all by themselves.

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