Wild Poppies? Thats France!

This is the time of year when roadsides and certain fields take on a red haze… Yes, it is the season for wild poppies. Todays photo is of a strip of land between our garage and our neighbours house. Soon I’ll have to mow these Poppies down, but at least this photo will make them permanent. © John Nelson.

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  1. Lovely ! My favourite flowers, together with purple lilac. I know : it doesn’t make it easy to offer me a bunch of my favourite flowers, that’s probably why no one ever tries. Having said that, it would be even more difficult if I liked the titan arum best wouldn’t it ?
    You wrote “That’s France” in your title: is there no wild poppy in the fields in Britain ?


    1. I’ve never seen any in Britain.

      The Poppies are very fragile, though. They tend to fall apart if there is too much wind, but others take their place quickly enough.

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