192.com… What a con!

At the weekend we’re about to embark on a trip to Leicester. Aside from 3 days last November, when I was by myself, this is our only proper visit as a family for well over 2 years. My son was 18 months old the last time he saw his Grandma.

In the meantime I’ve lost my organiser. Although I have the addresses on my PC (for Christmas cards), I have lost most of the telephone numbers.

If you ever live away from the UK you’ll perhaps know that you always have friends that you’ll want to see when you come back, but in between you seldom stay in touch with. This is true of our visit… there are two friends I’d like to see, yet I can’t get in touch with them by phone.

Enter Google… tried all the UK telephone directories and drew a blank for both friends. Then I ended up on 192.com which listed my two friends, but then flashed up that I’d have to pay to see their “details”. Those details are based on the electoral roll… as I was getting desperate I paid… £17… just to “have a look”…

Well, so the rest of you aren’t disappointed, those details seldom give telephone numbers and that was the case for my two friends. I was able to see how long they’d lived at their addresses, how much their property was worth and their inside leg measurements (OK I made that last one up). But not their telephone numbers… so a total waste of £17… I’m fuming…

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