La Rentrée 2011

Amélie with Emma & Rémy

A bit late writing about this now, as Rémy is already 2 weeks into his new school year. It seems to be a time of rushing about, getting re-organised and getting used to new situations for both Rémy and ourselves.
Now he has joined the “Moyen Section”, for this year he is in a new classroom with a new maitress, Mme Thuegaz who is part of one of the big farming famillies in the local area. The family owns the centre hippique just down the road from the school and mairie.

Rémy on his first day.

We’ve got ourselves organised for lunchtimes now, especially as my FIL & MIL need to have more of a break following FIL’s health worries over the Summer holiday. Now I have the kids on Monday and Wednesday lunchtimes. My PIL’s have Rémy Tuesday and Fridays and on Thursdays he goes to the school canteen. I’m lucky to have PIL’s who can be flexible with that though, particularly this week as I’m working on the magazine for this years “Journées du Patrimoine”.

Monsieur le Maire and the Maîtress de l'école either side of the door on the right, Rémys' new Maîtress is between them.
Waiting to take the kids to their classrooms.
Thumpah & Rémy

On his first day at the canteen Rémy was pushed after they came out, by another kid. I arrived that evening to find him looking like he had been in the wars. I have to admit I wasn’t pleased, especially as the Maitress said “Oh it wasn’t us, it was the canteen”. I stayed fairly calm and it seemed Rémy was non the worst for it. He had been patched up by one of the dinnerladies. These things can be upsetting for parents, even a home Dad like me. No one wants to see their kids face bashed up.

After school on a couple of days in the first week, I brought Amélie back home with us. My SIL had been rushed into hospital following a fall, so I was more than happy to step in to help. In fact Amélie is really very good with Rémy so I know I can leave her to “mother” him while I take care of Emma. You wouldn’t think that there are 5 years between them when you see them play together. Well, Rémy is big for his age.

For this second week I have decided to go and fetch Rémy from school with Emma using my trusty 20 year old Raleigh Massif with the trailer. It is good for me as I need to do some daily exercise, especially for for my leg and Rémy likes it because it means he doesn’t have to walk home. Daddy has to do all the work instead… puff puff puff… sweat sweat… Meanwhile I never hear a peep from Emma when she is in the trailer, so I guess she must enjoy it.

Next Sunday she’ll be 1… already!


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  1. wow!!! one already!!!
    Remy seemed like a different kid now he is in moyenne section!!! onot a newbie anyone more!!!
    Hope ye are all keeping well???

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