A slight Kindle update

Following my two previous posts on this subject see here and here, I thought my love of Kindle merited an update. Of course the new and excellent Kindle Fire has recently been released. However, I’ll be concentrating on the Kindle I currently own, i.e. the Kindle Wifi/3G which comes with a keyboard, received as a birthday gift back in January.

First of all – I’d like to clear up a matter that I’m really not sure of. Maybe you can help?

In my previous posts I have extolled the virtues of being able to use the 3G network in France. Which I can, indeed, do with my Kindle. However, it could be that not all French users can do this. My Kindle was bought directly from the amazon.com site (the US one) and as such was automatically signed to that site. As I am originally from the UK I really wasn’t keen on being tied to books produced for the US market. Therefore I probably did a no-no – and changed my account address to that of my Mum’s back in Leicester. As far as Amazon is concerned it shouldn’t really pose that much of a problem. I have since purchased quite a number of books from the amazon.co.uk site.

But this could pose a problem for French users of their Kindle 3G’s bought from amazon.com (the US site), as this could (yet to be totally proved) limit their 3G use in France. In short, thanks to a comment from a French reader of my blog, I could be seen as a “visitor from the UK to France” – hence having unlimited 3G coverage here in France.

Of course in the last couple of days, Kindle has at last been released on the French market and is now available direct from amazon.fr – little consellation to those French users who bought theirs from the US!

Now into my 9th month of using my Kindle 3G, I have found it very useful when accessing the “experimental browser”. But that usefulness has been a bit limited, in that certain sites will not work or will crash the Kindle. The short cut has been to use versions of sites intended for use by mobile phones – which usually have an “m” prefix, those such as Gmail, Wikipedia and Twitter. I’ll list those I’ve really found of use below (with a few notes), although it appears that since I started using the mobile version of Gmail here in France the sign in proceedure may have changed making it hard to access with a Kindle (your observations please?) – I’ll include the direct link that I use for Gmail.

(Umm… Google+… you can access your stream here, but as yet I’ve never succeeded in being able to enter text into the status box.)

Aside from these regular links I would like to highly recommend the Anysubjects.com site. This is a directory of Kindle-friendly websites out there which are listed by subject. Well done to them for their efforts! You can find their site at:


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