Would you have 15 kids?

Sitting here watching Enquete d’Action on W9 – about parents expecting a new baby and their different circumstances. It is quite interesting when I compare their experiences with our own. Mind you, luckily both the births of Rémy and Emma were uneventful. Well apart from me being lead out of the delivery room just before Rémy arrived. But I did get to see Emma being born at least.

In the documentary, the mother of a family of 15 kids(!) is giving birth to her 16th. Quite how they manage with so many kids I don’t know. Mind you my Grandma had 10 kids, in the days when there were no disposable nappies and no Grandparents nearby to babysit. I take my hat off to the French family and my Grandparents because I struggle with just TWO. Furthermore I’m namby pambied as my PIL’s live next door. As I’ve been working from home recently my MIL has filled in by looking after Emma and fetching Rémy from school, so I can just get on with the job. Despite being tied to a computer and a deadline – it has been lovely to listen to music as I work and not have someone crying or screaming because they’re seeking attention. The peace and quiet and the break from the routine of being a home Dad has been very welcome.

Meanwhile I’m waiting for my job to come back to me, so that’ll probably mean working Saturday night and some of Sunday.

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