At the moment I am very happy… Well you know, simple things please me.

You see… last year I started planting food in our garden. When you have kids it seems it makes you start doing stuff that you would never have done before, well at least, before they came along. Have never had green fingers (or des pouces verts) and for the two of us, any form of plant given to us was condemned to die in our hands.

Then I started planting herbs and tomatoes. Well, last year we even planted a courgette plant and a couple of peppers too. We never had a single courgette but we did have a rather lovely big yellow flower. At least I could tell my son Rémy where courgettes came from… I’m not sure he was that interested. The peppers errr… stayed green for a long time before eventually turning orange. We only had two small ones.

But what worked for us was loads of tomatoes, in particular; cherry tomatoes. Rémy is one of those many children who throws a tantrum when it comes to eating veggies at the dinner table… courgettes, haricot vert green beans, broccoli and particularly carrots are all beyond him. That said he is the champion of scoffing as many cherry tomatoes as he can… so, tomatoes it was.

This year we had them everywhere in the back garden. We had three or four varieties, aside from the cherry variety. I did oven dried tomatoes for pasta salades (4 hours at 100°C), tarte à la moutarde, bolognaise and even tomatoes cooked in olive oil, herbes de provence and garlic. Trouble was, Rémy HATES cooked tomatoes. :-/ But even so I’m still really happy about the red tomato haze we have in our garden (or is that a green haze?).
Here we are in mid-October and we still have TOMATOES outside in the garden… very big ones. Well… the big ones only go as far as becoming orange, but then I bring them into the kitchen and leave them on a plate to ripen.

As it gets colder the excitement I try to instill in Rémy about going to "pick some tomatoes" is starting to wane fairly quickly though…

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