What on earth is a Pouet-Pouet?

No… not the old “dis camion” French joke, but something entirely different and more kiddie-friendly

VoilĂ ! The latest craze my 4 year old son is in to… at school they call them a pouet-pouet, but a quick look on the net and I see they’re called a Pliou (after the French verb “to fold” = plier). I seem to remember vaguely that as a child we had these too, but I have no idea what we used to call them. Answers on a postcard please…?

Anyway, every 5 minutes my son marches up to one of us and says “Combien?” – meaning how many movements he needs to make with his fingers, eagerly holding his pouet-pouet.

Then I usually say “one thousand four hundred and fifty three…”
(You see? The childish sense of humour is still there with me…)
To which the repy is a “Awwww… DADDY!”.
So I give him a more reasonable number between one and ten…
Then its… “Quelle Couleur?”
So I say “super intelligent shade of the colour pink” (you can tell that he has used his pouet-pouet on me a little too often can’t you?).
The reply is another “AWWWW”…
Then I choose green and he tries to persuade me (not very diplomatically) to choose “noir”

Behind the flaps are written things like… “Tu es une voiture”… “Tu es une casquette de Beyblade”… “Tu es une fleur” (Oooh yes duckie!)…

…and behind the noir???


No, he hasn’t got his sense of humour from me (or as least I think not)… I sense evil spirits going on at the village school…

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