Mum betrayal and a Leicester transport icon

On this blog I’ve been fairly quiet these last few days. Seems I’ve got my fingers in too many pies on the net. 🙂

The 1st of November marks a tribunal for my Mum, in an effort to improve her disability allowance. The night before last I was up till 2am writing an "open letter" for this detailing my Mum’s many problems over the last 30 odd years. In case you don’t know the full history, she has been mentally ill for all that time. As I live in France I am often not in touch with some of the silly things she does. When we are, we try our best to help or bail her out. But on this occasion she has gone a bit far and got herself seriously into debt. A debt that this time round I can do nothing about.

So it has been painful having to detail her problems in a document, a sort of witness statement I have had to write to explain why she is totally out of control. Despite the fact that a lot of the time she isn’t responsible for her actions, I always get the feeling that I’m betraying her by having to tell everyone how bad she really is. It seems that the Doctors over time have become convinced that she is a "care in the community" candidate when in my mind (if I’m honest) she is anything but. As usual, being her next of kin, I can do very little about it… we have tried so many times…

Onto a different subject… being a bus nut, I was rather shocked to hear that my favourite bus, an old rear platform double deck Leicester City Transport bus which has been preserved now since 1982, was lost in a fire last Saturday night. On my other blog you’ll find an article I have written about it.

Time for lunch…

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