Near a village called Le Home

I kid you not! Just down the road from where we are staying is a village called Le Home. Home away from home you might say? Well… not quite… we’re in a village of "Norwegian cottages", not far from Cabourg in Normandy.

Just down the road is one of the big D Day embarkations at Omaha Beach. All we’ve done so far is stock up on food from a supermarket in Dives sur Mer called Mutant(!) In between Emma has been screaming while Remy is glued to Gulli on the telly. Or is that the other way round?

Managed a walk on the beach with Toffee while Thumpah prepared lunch (Saucisse de Toulouse, Salsifis & Pasta). Took some photos, but the light is a bit grey today. The beach was totally deserted, the sea very agitated and just over the horizon unseen is England. I could see the peninsula where Cherbourg is, to the west.

Our appartment isn’t at all Norwegian looking. In fact it is above a storeroom under the roof. Still it is light and just the right size. Had a little grumble last night as it smelt a bit fusty when we walked in. Then this morning we couldn’t find a toaster. The kitchen corner is quite large, but only has two very small halogen hobs and an ancient microwave.

The end of the "pont" is Tuesday when we go home.

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