Oooh its all dark outside and other silly things associated with November

Frankly I’ll be the first to admit that its been a while… a while since we celebrated anything decent. Oh and a while since I bored you to death here on Superpositoire. Yes I can smell you all decomposing in your corners out of sheer boredom… I wish I could say I was bored, but I’m not… well not in general that is. OK I’m getting a bit fed up with little disputes between my two kids, screams from the both… everyday… 7/7 almost 24/24… in fact I’m not alone there as Thumpah gets it in the neck from them both whenever she is here. Perhaps more so that I do. But as of late both my little monsters have kept me, my MIL and Thumpah very busy as has the local Mairie.

We’ve now reached the season of dark evenings and grim mornings… a sure-fire sign that Christmas is around the corner. Toy adverts on the telly (can’t we just ban Gulli???) mad buying sprees on Amazon, CDiscount and Photobox for me. It seems so long since we were in Normandy.

That break may have been only 3 days but it did seem longer. Now we’ve passed through Halloween (never celebrated) and Bonfire Night (not celebrated this year… sadly) and my first hospital out-patients visit in Paris, which confirmed more or less that my condition is hereditary. Next appointment in 6 months just after my sons’ 5th birthday next year. Meanwhile I’ve been told to lose weight (for my legs), perhaps that’ll be easier said than done as I’ve been plagued with heartburn. Anyone would think that I’ve been eating razor blades…?

So now its back on the tablets and 2 weekly blood tests and and of course those sexy socks… promise I won’t pose nude on here wearing them… Awright… If you want me to…?

Losing weight doesn’t go very well with Christmas does it? Damn, I’ve received an order of English goodies from the site "British Corner Shop"… even bought some bacon, Lincolnshire sausages and other nice edible things. How did that happen…? At least with those you won’t catch my naked bum in my stretchy tights… Ah well, you can always wait for me to lose some weight…

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