I am very bad at complaining…

Recently I received a couple of orders of British food from an online store in the UK. It is one of those places where you fill a 25kg box for a fixed postage amount, which is quite good really as there is a tendence to rip us "expats" off where food from back home is concerned. In particular, the shops here that very rarely have a "British shelf", such as Carrefour, Auchan & Intermarché; can charge sometimes double the price you pay back home.

OK – it goes without saying that my order from the UK cost a small fortune… I even bought some chilled goods as well, such as Lincolnshire sausages, bacon and sausage meat (for stuffing). But as Christmas approaches and that it is now 3 years since I spent Christmas in the UK, I thought "why not?"…

So here’s my letter of "complaint":

Hello Rosie,

Thanks for my order which I received last Thursday. This arrived mostly in good order apart from the 3 tins of Heinz Alphabet Pasta Shapes and one tin of soup which arrived dented.
As everything was well packed and that there was no damage to the parcel, I’m assuming that these were damaged before they were put into the parcel.

I thought I’d let you know this, as you are probably not aware that damaged goods are being sent out to customers.

Everything else arrived without any problems, including the chilled order. I was particularly pleased as the delivery people made the effort to bring the parcels straight to the house. As we live down a private drive, often we have a piece of paper left in the letterbox asking us to go and pick up the parcel from the nearest Post Office/Depot which is very inconvenient.

Thank you again for your prompt order and good customer service.



I told you… I’m BAD at complaining, I’m just too NICE…

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