The Harry Cannon murder

Woodland Drive on the morning of the siege

Back in the early 80’s (I can’t remember exactly which year – but I’d guess at 1983-4) I remember waking up one frosty morning to seeing Police everywhere in our street on Woodland Drive in Braunstone Town, Leicester.

A Policeman knocked on our front door to ask “if we were OK”.  I remember my Dad asking him what had happened, but just got the reply “you’ll see it on the local TV news no doubt”.
So it wasn’t until later on, that we found out that down the road on Valley Drive there had been a seige during which someone had been killed.

From what we heard and saw on the TV news later, Harry Cannon, who worked now and again at “Mac & Angies” (General Store) on Sunway at the other end of our street, had been shot dead.
A boyfriend of one of his daughters, came looking for her armed with a gun. Nobody knew exactly what happened next, but Harry and his family were held hostage. The Police were called and that was why we woke up to seeing them everywhere that morning.
The above photo is of a BBC Radio Leicester car parked in front of our house that morning, which I took at the time not knowing why it was there.

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