Stange photo at the school Christmas show

Walking up rue de la Mairie, Fontenay-le-Vicomte

On Friday evening we went off to a very dark village school here in Fontenay le Vicomte, to see my son Rémy, take part in this years Christmas show. Taking the video camera along and my little Sony Cybershot I soon realised that the latter was totally useless in dark conditions… and it WAS dark. The school playground had very little lighting and even when we ventured out onto the street where I took the above photo, it wasn’t much better.
Sometimes if you take enough photos, with a bit of luck you can end up with an interesting image. This photo was taken of the procession in front of the village mairie, with the lady of a husband and wife team who later put on a show from a balcony overlooking the school playground.

A nice touch was seeing French school children singing Christmas carols in English with only a slight accent. Well done them!

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