Blowy Wednesday

Like everybody else we’re getting ready for the “Big C”, the tree is up, the tinsel is hanging and we’ve had err… 6 Christmas cards so far. Mind you have only just sent out my UK ones and the French ones are yet to go.
Rémy did help me a bit this year with the decorations, he put up all the stockings above the fireplace and passed me the tinsel to put up on the living room ceiling.

Strange to realise that this time last year we had plenty of white stuff out and it really did feel Christmassy. This year is a very different story. The last 48 hours we’ve had gale force gusts of wind. In fact I’m a bit surprised that we’ve not had any damage (did I speak too soon?).

Last Friday evening was Rémy’s schools’ Christmas Show. It was quite nice, although it did make me ask questions about whether I am really integrating into French life. When I take him to school I feel outside of it all – it is not a nice feeling really. 14 years here and I feel like that. Not good. Of course Rémy speaks in French all the time, something I have to get used to.

Today is Wednesday (hence the title), so the kids are at home as there is no school. My MIL has kindly taken Rémy on for the morning. While Emma is still in bed. From 3am till 6am I was watching recordings of Top Gear. Seems I have a tracheitis, so coughing a lot. It woke me up. So a bit grumpy today through lack of sleep. When Thumpah left this morning Rémy sobbed and screamed “Maman”. I’m used to it now. So I left him to it – only I didn’t realise he had the door open, until my MIL turned up saying she could hear him crying from her place. So he left with her and barely said “Goodbye” to me. Obviously he prefers not to spend Wednesday with me… I don’t blame him, being stuck at home with Daddy can’t be much fun.

Tomorrow is the kids’ School Christmas dinner. Luckily on the one day during the week, when Rémy goes to the canteen.

Fave Christmas song this year? : “Christmas Time” – The Darkness… Oooh and it *is* dark out there this morning at 9.40am…

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