Christmas is… building toys

Well Christmas is well behind us, with all the excitement that brings for the kids and exhaustion for the parents. This is my first post for 2012… so a very Happy New Year and Bonne Année to you all. Most importanly good health to all readers and f**k the money and the being prosperous s**t…

So far our New Year has been fairly calm… no shocks… no hospitals and I passed 42 in the company of some great friends last weekend and Rémy was chuffed to bits to see his friend Lilian again.

Of course, with my birthday and the usual festive stuff, he has really had some nice presents. As has Emma I suppose. But at 4 years old, toys begin to become more interesting both for him and Daddy. Christmas morning was spent "building" them and hunting for batteries.

I admit that I probably enjoyed playing with his new things about as much as he did.

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