English being taught in a French primary school

Yes, it happens. Or in my sons case, singing songs in English in class. Every Thursday lunchtime an Indian student gives extra lessons to children in Rémys class to learn the basics in English. In the main the kids are all 4 and 5 years olds, so nothing too complicated is tackled. As parents we were quite surprised as nothing was actually said to us about plans to introduce English into the school, we didn’t find out until Rémy vaguely told us one day that someone called Pankech had been talking in English to him today. Very odd as Rémy doesn’t speak English very often, although he understands it.

It seems to be working quite well, although Pankech tends to use the Indian based videos in English that you can find on Youtube. There is a tendence to wander off what I would call traditional nursery rhymes by using different words to existing music. I still haven’t been able to convince Rémy that the song he was singing in English this morning is called "Row Row Row your boat" and not "Eat Eat Eat your meat every single day".

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